Helping you solve problems and reach goals faster - in business & life.

Gain a leadership model and common language to improve focus, communication, & results.
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Most furniture-industry leaders don’t have a common language or proven performance model to help their teams succeed, which makes everything more difficult.

In business, have you felt…

Revenue and profit are lost because your employees aren't focused on the goal

Exhausted from trying to keep up with it all.
Customers are frustrated because the same problems happen over and over.
Leadership is confused because they don't know how to pinpoint or solve the problem.
Employees feel frustrated and don't know how to communicate with leadership
 or each other.
You can't seem to gain the momentum you want

Training in the COSMO Model™ will help 
your team feel valued and your business move forward faster.

Get a jump-start to 2023 and learn how to navigate the turbulent times ahead.

Common Language

Improve your team’s
cross-functional communication tosolve problems and move your business forward faster.

UNIVERSAL & proven Model

The COSMO Model will strengthen everything you are already doing well in business and life. Use it in one-on-one conversations or to strategize and implement entire business strategies.

Happy Employees

Tested and validated in business applications over the last 3 decades, COSMO will increase employee confidence, retention, and engagement.

You’ll also gain the ability to…


  • Bring clarity wherever there is confusion.
  • Build better skills for implementing a coach approach to your leadership culture.
  • Address resistance and create buy-in for business initiatives.
  • Increase emotional intelligence and build trusting relationships.
  • Overcome business problems more effectively, increasing momentum and profit.

We understand the struggle and work it takes to grow your business and ensure your employees feel valued.

Brian Morgan’s Story

Co-owner, Coach Potatoes & Furniture Mall
Our industry has experienced ever-changing swings during the last 3 years. How are you handing them?
The pandemic, layoffs, high demand, staffing issues, foam shortages, price increases, factory shutdowns, the list goes on and on. If you were like me juggling all that plus being a dad, a husband, and a friend….leading effectively has felt nearly impossible.
The COSMO Training we received from VtialStrengths changed the game for me and our leadership team. I can’t think of a better way you could equip yourself and your leaders for success as we head into these turbulent times.
Our company’s leadership team is comprised of rookies and seasoned veterans. In addition to varied experiences, we have a multi-state, multi-language work family from factory workers to c-level leaders. Every week there were new faces and necessary pivots. New strategies for succeeding were written and erased constantly.
Communication pipelines and goal-setting structures were all over the place. The countless attempts at creating goals seemed helpless at times. Sometimes, the goals we’d launch wouldn’t even make it past varied leaders because they were too complex and lacked a clear path for creating ownership.
I knew we had problems. Regardless, we needed to grow 200% in every area of the business. We needed a solution to launch our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals to the company and a way for any Furniture Mall family member to catch on to our vision.
In a retail environment, especially as furniture industry leaders, we often go straight to sales performance as the sole focus of our team development. The sales team gets the focus while other management and employees get the scraps! Maybe it’s not like this in your company but at Furniture Mall it was.
I knew we needed clear language to understand where we were going, what is most important today, and the ability to communicate that to everyone in the company no matter the curveball that was thrown our way.
We didn’t have a solution until we found COSMO through VitalStrengths.
We hosted a one-day VitalStrengths’s COSMO experience for 35 leaders and leaders-in-training. In 7 hours we were guided through a profound thinking model that can be grasped by all employees, whether they are onboarding on day one or in their 30th year of furniture sales. COSMO has helped even my janitor know where we are taking the business and what ownership he has in that process. Our employees are feeling feel heard and appreciated in all new ways. They are understanding how vital their roles are to make this company succeed.
The COSMO approach the VitalStrengths team trained us in was so unique they took each of us through a personal goal-setting session. They helped us apply this leadership model to our wants and dreams for our personal life and then transferred that same process over to the business.
I can’t think of a better way to equip your leaders for success than the COSMO training.

100% of the furniture-industry leaders who participated in a COSMO one-day leadership training said it will help their business and teams succeed.

“This framework helped transform my team from just a group of people working in a department to a true team collaborating on ideas and solutions. COSMO has helped us find clarity to nagging issues, identify our true purpose, and propel us forward toward the goals we truly want to achieve.”

Sara Barber
Veterinarian & Co-Founder of Foundation Livestock Service

“After seeing the world through the COSMO™ lens, you will never go back.The COSMO Framework brings order and harmony to my personal and professional conversations, processes, relationships, and development.”

James Madison
Founder & CEO, On Purpose Life

“I have seen a 10x return on investment. I have seen money come in because of COSMO training. It has helped me professionally and personally.”

Bill Mason
CEO & Founder of Rocket Fuel Coaching

“COSMO™ is an intuitive technique that helps leaders influence people and obtain insight. COSMO training was experiential and provided great peer discussion that aided in learning, understanding, and applying COSMO to varied markets.”

Sandra Black
Founder & CEO, Sandra Black Coaching

“We wanted a better way to evaluate company and client opportunities. Using COSMO reduces miscommunications and reworking mistakes, accelerating ongoing progress. COSMO has helped clarify each person’s perspective and problem-solving approach. Simply put, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

Dan Bakker
Co-Founder of Foundation Livestock Service

How to get the business results you want in 2023


Get training with your leadership team to gain a foundational understanding of the model. You’ll start using it immediately to meet priority business goals.


Bi-weekly leader training, COSMO job aids, quarterly deep dives, and masterminds to solve business challenges, celebrate wins, and enhance your leadership culture.


The COSMO Model is proven to increase employee retention and move the needle further and faster among business leaders who have implemented it.

If your team isn’t communicating effectively and can’t seem to zero-in on what the real problems are, you’re leaving money on the table and running on fumes. The one-day COSMO Training will align your team with a common language and method to pinpoint problems and generate solutions. COSMO will help every person offer the best of who they are to the team and your business success.
How does it work? A COSMO trainer will lead a one-day training tailored for your business leadership teams. Everyone present will learn this simple, but impactful, model at a high level. They’ll learn to use COSMO for developing goals and solving problems, in your business and their personal lives.
Once you experience the effectiveness of this day, we’ll strategize with you to customize a plan to implement COSMO company-wide. (Implementing COSMO won’t disrupt procedures already serving you well, COSMO will just make everything easier and more effective.) Implementation can include live virtual trainings, email roll-out templates, 1×1 coaching, quarterly deep-dive training, and masterminds to help with real-time challenges.

The COSMO model aids strategic planning & execution. Its’ simplicity powerfully supports leaders & teams to move from uncertainty to action & achievement.

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Jerri Ann Jensen

CEO & Founder

Our VitalStrengths team believes that every person and business who wants to offer the best of who they are to this world should have support and proven methods to succeed. It would be our honor to support your success through our COSMO Leadership Training.
Helping business leaders is meaningful work to us because we’ve experienced the loneliness and exhaustion that comes from being entrepreneurs and business owners: the heartaches, overwhelm, and disappointments. We also know the resilience, joy, and meaningful victories that flow from gaining clarity, improving communication, and achieving results in healthy work-centered partnerships.
The scope of our leadership and training experiences move us to lean in, understand and establish trust. It is our joy to support business leaders and their teams. We cultivate trusting relationships and apply our proprietary COSMO model to help leaders reach as deep and far as possible to accomplish what matters to them. When leaders and business processes transform, there are ripple effects… everyone benefits while profits increase.
We will be honored to provide COSMO Leadership Training to support your success – in business and life.

Pre-training Strategy Call

2-hour strategy call to tailor the training to your team and business objectives.

Training Materials

Printed training materials to guide the day and support implementation afterward.

Post-training Strategy Call

1-hour strategy call after training to strategize about possibilities for implementing COSMO throughout the company.

Interactive, Foundational Training

7 hours of inactive training for your leadership in the COSMO model with the opportunity for immediate application.

Two Chapters of Master Level Courses

The first two chapters of the VitalStrengths Leading & Coaching with the COSMO Advantage course.

COSMO Introduction Email Template for Employees

Template to share and introduce COSMO and your training experience to everyone in your business.

Electronic COSMO Job Aids

These tools will be available for all employees to access to help implementation.

Up to 8 Coaching Sessions

One-on-one coaching sessions to implement COSMO in different business areas, for up to 8 executive leaders.

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