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For many business leaders and teams, trying to figure out what it takes to get the job done, to succeed, can feel like a never-ending mystery. They just keep guessing at what’s next while frustrations grow… time and money are wasted!

Can you relate?


Learn our COSMO model and you’ll take the mystery out of what it takes for you and your team (or clients) to succeed. You’ll gain a common language and understanding for troubleshooting, problem-solving, planning, and executing until desired results are achieved. 


We’ll train you in a coach approach to leadership. You’ll grow EQ and learn to guide conversations where people feel valued. Everyone in your organization will grow, work cultures will improve, and business goals will get accomplished faster. Time and money will be saved while revenue grows. 


When people have proven methods and know what strengths make them unique, teams are empowered to improve job performance and build stronger relationships. They experience belonging, feel like they are improving every day, and witness business metrics rise.

Our COSMO framework provides a uniquely powerful coaching and training experience with Gallup’s CliftonStrengths™ assessment. We help you and your team align strengths and manage weaknesses to get results faster.

I experience Jerri Ann as a coach who is a gifted listener with incredible insights in helping others succeed in their design and purpose in life.  She quickly establishes rapport, provides clarity, and helps clients move forward.  If you want to be true to yourself, feel fully alive, and achieve more than you ever have before, get with Jerri!

Dave Mead

CEO, WeAlign Coaching Firm

The best kind of coaching is a unique blend of compassionate curiosity with clear-eyed, practical insight. Jerri exemplifies this masterfully in her coaching. Over the last several years I’ve watched her provide tremendous benefit to the complex organizational world of nonprofits. Whether working with leaders, field directors, or volunteers, she does an exceptional job of getting to the root of people’s concerns or issues and providing invaluable help with effective steps forward. I can’t imagine a better coach for your organization.

Mark Case, PHD

Founding Partner, Invita Consulting

Jerri Ann is a truth speaker and trust is built on the foundation of truth. As a person who can bring perspective, the right questions, and strategic input, Jerri Ann is the real deal.

Jerri Ann has both brought wisdom and discernment to processes in our organization. Her ability to see reality and coach to the future can be an asset to any movement or organization.

Lindy Black

Associate U.S. Director, The Navigators

Gallup’s data found that more than 50% of employees are not engaged at work. But employees who receive strengths development have:


Up to 23% Higher Employee Engagement


Up To 18% Increased Performance


Up To 19% Increased Sales


Up To 29% Increased Input


Up to 73% Lower Attrition Rate

1 on 1 Sessions for Leaders

For individualized coaching, please schedule a complimentary strategic inquiry call with a member of our team. 


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